The badness of red light cameras against motorcyclists

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The badness of red light cameras against motorcyclists

Postby Jusjih » Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:24 pm

Many people receiving red light camera summonses consider fighting them useless. This is why totalitarian officials find them profiting. However, I have tricks that may reduce their profitability. As ... pute.shtml allows disputing the camera summonses online, by mail, and in person, never plead guilty at the first place. For those who want to know how to disclaim guilt, please go to the top of to get two model defense statements. The first one, Red-Light Camera Brief, based in Virginia, has 20 pages. The second one, Red-Light Camera Legal Motion - Seattle, WA, has 33 pages in PDF.

If all defendants send dozens of pages of statements of defense, New York City may start losing money from the red light cameras, as carefully reading the statements of defense with dozen of pages will likely take more than an hour when the City may have to pay the administrative law judges dozens of dollars per hearing. As appealing the guilty finding can be done by mail and in person, though not online per ... peal.shtml , sending dozen of pages of argument will likely cost the City dozens of dollars per appeal, then the City will likely get a net loss.

In addition, I would count how many seconds of yellow lights and complain to NYC DOT with something like:
"Yesterday I saw the yellow light of about 2.7 seconds on southbound Kissena Blvd @ Booth Memorial Ave in Flushing, Queens with red light cameras in Flushing, Queens. This is too short per based on ... 4-1228.pdf . Increasing yellow time slightly and using traffic light countdown timers better reduce crashes. Please think of increasing a few seconds of yellow lights with wider road there, or this kind of complaint will continue as Former Judge Samuel M. Levine in Nassau County, NY keeps claiming red light cameras unconstitutional with case pending in New York State Court."

Continuously counting how many seconds of yellow lights and complaining to NYC DOT will also take the City's time and reduce the profitability of red light cameras. As the National Motorists Association has many good reasons to fight red light cameras, you can easily join me to counter-attack.

Even though New York City does not normally post warning signs before red light cameras, allowing hearing online and by mail means no excuse to plead guilty at the first place. Conversely, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island normally post warning signs before red light cameras without allowing hearing online or by mail, but a potential trick is to plead not guilty at the first place, so officials have to spend time an money to schedule the hearings, then requesting as many continuances to postpone the hearing will reduce the profitability. Even for those affording neither in-person hearing nor lawyers, changing the plea from not guilty to guilty only when no more continuances are possible will increase the workloads to process the summonses.

As some people have been robbed when stopped at red lights, I consider that red light cameras may someday increase robberies and vehicle-jacking against those who hit the brakes to avoid being summoned. I have a letter from Nassau County disclaiming this possibility because admitting this possibility will defeat the cameras. New York City keeps avoiding talking about this in replies to me. If ever robbed at red light cameras or running red to avoid being robbed at red light cameras, always get the police report to better justify my prediction that red light cameras may increase robberies and vehicle-jacking.

Justin JIH
Traffic expert of the National Motorists Association ... r-issue-96
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Re: The badness of red light cameras against motorcyclists

Postby Jillian » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:41 pm

This video "went viral" this week: a montage of red-light camera accidents in NJ. ... re_po.html

The video was made by -- surprise! -- the red-light camera company. Someone quoted in the article about the video said "Oh, so they’re showing how their red light system doesn’t stop crashes?" :lol:
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Re: The badness of red light cameras against motorcyclists

Postby vesparado » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:41 pm

I saw that since I have a residence in NJ. II had posted it to the NY Scooter Club forum in a discussion showing videos of bad driving/crashes etc including bowing red lights. My response to someone who said that seeing these things makes him a better driver was "but when someone blows a red light, we are toast." The we is the we who choose to ride PTWs. That video raised the hairs on my neck.
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