Petition to make lane splitting legal in NY

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Re: Petition to make lane splitting legal in NY

Postby Jillian » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:43 pm

I just saw this in The New Republic this month:


An interesting idea, and I love that motorcycles were included as an obvious congestion-reducing solution.

(attaching pdf of it in case img doesn't display properly)
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Re: Petition to make lane splitting legal in NY

Postby Jusjih » Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:03 pm

Let us specifically request legal lane splitting under 5 miles per hour to overtake already stopped vehicles first, while somewhat back by ... cle51.html . Motorists do need time to adjust to being overtaken closely by motorcycles.

Without specifying which kind of lane splitting to legalize, we may get nothing, other than applying necessity defense per ... ew_York%29 and .

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