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Pay By Phone Parking

Postby jerlbaum » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:39 am

Pay-By-Phone Parking -- And Real-Time Space Availability -- Being Tested in the Bronx

An 18-block stretch in the Bronx will be the first in New York City to test pay-by-phone parking.

The pilot program will allow people to use phone, internet or smartphone app to pay for 264 metered parking spaces along or adjacent to Arthur Avenue -- as well as spots in the city's Belmont Municipal Parking Field. To participate, motorists must sign up in advance on the Pay-By-Phone website. Each Muni-Meter in the pilot program has a QR code and a seven-digit number; the motorist must use either to confirm payment. ... the-bronx/

I am concerned that this new parking system will NOT work with motorcycles. Specifically, the sensors won't detect bikes. I'm very interested in testing out the system.
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