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About the NYMSTF

Postby Jillian » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:04 pm

The New York Motorcycle and Scooter Task Force is an organization dedicated to improving life for riders in New York.
Our website is http://www.nymstf.org , and the forum is here for us to brainstorm, problem-solve, and socialize. Welcome! :clap:

Here's how our organization works:


Supporters: Attend meetings & events
Participate in the forum
Subscribe to the newsletter
Participate in action items

Voting Members: do the above, and:
Vote in meetings
Participate in committees

Directors-at-Large: do the above, and:
Determine the agenda
Guide the NYMSTF

Officers: do the above, and:
Elect the directors-at-large

How do you become a member?
Here is our rule:
Be it resolved that voting membership in the NYMSTF requires each of the following criteria be met: (a) attendance at three meetings; (b) subscription to the newsletter; (c) registration on the online forum; (d) a majority vote in support of membership, where quorum is 1/3 of current membership.
Further, that supporters of the NYMSTF may seek membership by making an inquiry of any officer. Those whose votes do not carry may solicit membership after 1 year.
Further, that all those who are voting members prior to this resolution retain their voting member status.
Further, that those who do not attend a meeting for 9 consecutive months will be considered to have resigned their membership. Members in such standing will be given notice by e-mail and given 1 month to appeal or restore their membership.
Further, that the above membership guidelines be posted on the public area of the forum.

Who are the officers and directors-at-large?
That the bylaws for the 501(c)3 following contain this language:
The board of directors will include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (hereafter "The Officers"), and up to 6 other directors-at-large. The Officers are elected by the membership in November for a one-year term. Directors-at-large may be nominated by 1 officer and carried by majority vote of officers at a time determined by the officers for a one-year term.
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Re: About the NYMSTF

Postby ChaiRiders » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:35 pm

It is looking like a strong team for the upcoming season!
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