Create an Avatar (Profile Pic)

Create an Avatar (Profile Pic)

Postby Jillian » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:43 am

Here's an easy one! Picking an avatar will give the forum (and you!) a bit of personality. It can be you, your bike, your calico cat - whatever.

But there are some rules: it's got to be 90 x 90 pixels in dimensions, and no larger than 29.3 KB. If you already have an avatar you use on other sites, or know how to crop and resize a pic, skip down to "Uploading your Pic". Otherwise:

Getting a Pic

Find a picture you like, and save it to your computer:


Then go to and click "Create Avatar"

Follow the instructions and put "90" as the size. It will give you some options for cropping:


Choose the one you like and click "Download".

Time to upload it.

Uploading your Pic

From the home page of the forum, click "User Control Panel"


Then the "Profile" tab:

Then "Edit Avatar":

Click "Browse" and go locate that image you made.


And you're all set!

If you're having any troubles, let me know! :geek:
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