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Postby Cheryl S » Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:57 am

Our friend Hal at Metropolitan Motorbikes in NJ has made another generous offer for emergency bike storage for the upcoming storm:

"I am happy to offer refuge from the storm for motorcycles and scooters free of charge this weekend. We had a handful of very happy bikers when we did this for hurricane Irene in 2011. If you would like to post this on NYMSTF forum/website, that would be great. People can email or call my cell phone. I will be here today and until noon tomorrow for any takers and they can pick up their bikes mid-week once the storm blows over. Buses leave from our location every minute or two for the 10 minute ride to Port Authority...very convenient.

Thanks! --Hal, 646-761-3954 (cell)"
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